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What I Eat in a Day | Healthy & Clean

Open Me!!

Wanna know what I eat in a day? Probably not but I’m gonna show you anyway!! I’m all about eating as healthy and clean as possible, but everything still has to taste good! Hope you enjoy!

Also – sorry I have been a little MIA from my channel! It really disappoints me that I haven’t been able to upload as regularly as before, but life has been crazzzzzy busy for me lately! Too much work and not enough play if ya ask me.

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  2. I completely appreciate veganism and I think that it's really great for your bodies and the planet. However SOME and only SOME vegans are taking it way too far. I'm getting sick of people saying how she isn't eating healthy because she's eating meat and dairy. It's her choice what she eats and although we all have freedom of speech we could at least show some decency. Of course you can say your opinion and express how you think it's wrong to eat dairy and meat but I think it's completely disrespectful and rude to force your opinions onto her. I've tried being vegan and vegetarian and it's not for me. I eat meat and dairy but not too much of it. Humans are omnivores and can eat meat if they want to, or you can choose not to which is totally fine. Humans, however, are not supposed to eat too much meat and overeating meat is an issue nowadays. I 100% agree that we should try to eat less meat and dairy. I don't want to eliminate meat and dairy out of my diet completely though and that's my personal decision. Just like your personal decision may be to be vegan or vegetarian etc. Please stop telling her what to eat, it's her body. You have your own body to worry about and I have my own body to worry about. I am in no way attacking vegans in general, some people are just going too far in the comments and I wanted to voice my opinion on the matter.

  3. Interesting food … I'm trying to eat healthy too by cutting away sugary juices, pop and other junk.

  4. I'm wondering why you decided to start eating meat again! Do you have a video explaining it or have it written anywhere? (I'm currently a vegetarian so I'm just curious!)

  5. I really enjoyed your oatmeal chocolate chip bar video. Do you ever do gluten free recipes? I'm always looking for something different, easy and tasty to eat.

  6. so Are you a dietitian or a beauty stylists? Also, just wonder if microwave foods like oat, grain, vegetable are okay, coz I feel like microwaves such things will kill the antioxidant, vitamins or minerals of the food, and eventually lose its quality.

    Btw, Dietitians are beautiful !

  7. Great video! Thanks for the insparation*, It's nice to know that you can eat healthy in easy and yummy ways 😉

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