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WEIGHT LOSS Q&A | How I Lost 25 Lbs

Calorie/Macro Calculator https://healthyeater.com/flexible-dieting-calculator

Scale http://bit.ly/2nnxeZQ

App I use: MyNetDiary

My height: 5’1

Beauty Channel http://www.youtube.com/MacedoBeauty

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  1. So GREAT!!!! I relate almost to every single point wow.. By pure coincidence I'm doing exactly what you're doing and have lost 21 lbs since January so far. Congrats!! ❤️

  2. Amazing work Amy! I'm really struggling with my journey right now. I do 390 minutes of cardio a week including pole dancing and one hour of weight training and I can't lose anything 🙁

  3. good god girl !!!! your freaking gorgeous i love LOVE YOUR LASHES !!! your super inspiring !! <3 <3 <3 keep doing your thing !!!! <3

  4. This is the only weight loss video I've watched that's been so honest and healthy (including mental health-wise). Watching how happy you are motivated me to start working out and eating healthier again! I ended up stopping after I hit my plateau last year… It's so hard to start again!

  5. i'm not ready to take a before photo in my chonies because sometimes i show my friends memes and they scroll through my photoroll

  6. I just want to say thank you for this video really helpful so excited to continue on my fitness journey! Can't wait to see you continue on this journey ?

  7. Wow wow wow this is one of, if not THE best weight loss and fitness videos on YouTube! I've seen soooo many ignorant videos going around with this magic number of 1200cal linked to it which just drives me crazy! I relate to you a lot I'm currently doing IIFYM and it's working nicely as well as hiit and heavy lifting. Thank you so much for providing the internet and impressionable young people with such good information! Love from a new subbie!

  8. Your body was perfectly perfect before, but is also is now. But that might just be my preference haha. Your eyes and lashes are beautiful! Keep up the good work. You go girl! I've lost almost 60lbs about one and a half year ago.. But gained back around 30lbs because I stopped eating healthy and small portions but now I'm back to eating smaller portions and healthier.. Hopefully feeling better about my body in the summer so I can wear dresses again! ?? I struggled with my weight for a long long time too.. But like 4 years ago I finally accepted myself for being gay and I am super proud now but I honestly think that was my big problem.. I am a food lover.. So it's not just me struggling with who I was.. And now, it's just me loving food so much ??

  9. August 13th? OMG that's the date of my birthday, what a coincidence! This video really helped motivate me to make better choices for a healthier lifestyle 🙂

  10. I love hiit. It's the closest thing to weight loss overnight. I lost weight before and gained like 50 pounds back in a year due to my bad relationship with food. It was about losing weight to get back at my ex. after i got over him, it was back to my old habits. I'm getting back to hitt now and working on eating to be healthy. Hiit is still my go to. If it wasn't for hiit i probably wouldn't have lost weight the first time. Its simple to follow. and all you gotta do is 30 min. I did that 4-5x a week, squats, and stretching and, ofcourse, eating healthy and the weight was off before I even noticed it. I had the body of my dreams.

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