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Weight Loss Healthy & Super Smoothie Recipe | How To Make Healthy Smoothie Recipe at Home

Weight Loss Healthy & Super Smoothie Recipe | How To Make Healthy Smoothie Recipe at Home

Hello everyone!!

In this video, I want to share my secret easy healthy smoothie recipes or weight loss smoothie recipes. Its very good for those who want to loss weight. Its very healthy, makes you feel full for almost 6 hours.

Ingredients we need:-
– Pineapple (Best fat cutter)
-KIWI- (Best for food digestion)
Chia seeds- (Gift for weight loss)
Milk- only double tone
Sugar free

For decoration- its optional- we need-
– Pomegranate seeds
– Crushed Almonds
– Kishmis
-Chocolate syrup

Take this as a

– Breakfast smoothies
– Evening snacks
– or if you fad up with fruits dinner than this one is best option.

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  1. I just tried this..Intially I was very septical to drink but it's soo yummy…It's awesome…thnks Suman for the recipie..
    Just one request but make one plan for people with stuck weight..I mean I hav lost around 18kgs but now my weight just not moving..So Pls give diet plan for the same..

  2. thnx for ur healthy n delicious recipes.. I request u plz upload how to make healthy falsa drink recipe n when to take.

  3. Hi suman, love to watch yr videos. I heard that sugar free tab are harmful, shouldn't use them. what do u say ?

  4. When I added pineapple milk got curdled although pineapple was very sweet. Also I want to increase protein in this smoothie so help me what should I add.

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