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  1. Hi Steve first off I wanna say your vid are very helpful here's my question. I work 10 hrs a day I start my work day at 3p.m and get out of work around 2a.m then I go to the gym after work then eat before i go to bed my question is could this be causing me to gain more fat because I have noticed my stomach is getting rounder lol and I just recently started my own YouTube channel (GINGER GAINZZ) just like making workout videos any pointers would be greatly appreciated thanks again Steve

  2. This is exactly right. Old guys know  LOL  It comes from years of experience trial and error etc. When you get older you get smarter and you realize that old principle is true…moderation in all things is the best way to go. Also a good dose of common sense helps a lot LOL Of course by the time you realize all that…eh….well…your best lifting days are long gone  LOL

  3. Why do I feel like no one else breaks this down like you do. Big hairy ugly dude you rock. Love the channel.

  4. I never feel a pump/burn when training back (especially rows) no matter if I do 20 rep sets although I am using very good technique pulling with my elbows, contracting the scapula and uses thumbless grip. Is it normal not to get much of a pump when training back?

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