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The Mindset for Healthy Eating | Gillian Riley | TEDxChelmsford

In order to eat less, most think prohibitively: “I’m allowed these, but not those” or “I mustn’t eat any more.” This can create a disastrous relationship with food; perhaps complying initially, only to rebel later. Instead of obeying rules, what works is a strong sense of freedom… then making choices.

Gillian Riley is an author whose work focuses on the mindset behind overeating. She teaches techniques that break patterns of eating behavior, delivering control that lasts. Weight loss, when appropriate, is one of many benefits.

Motivated by the effectiveness of this approach, she’s inspired by the practical application of the theory into the everyday lives of those who struggle with food.

Based in Leicestershire, she has a worldwide clientele. Gillian has been delivering her EATING LESS seminars in London since 1997, and is currently creating an online version. Her books, EATING LESS, DITCHING DIETS and WILLPOWER are steady bestsellers

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  1. Mindset is so important for weight management and good health. I replaced rebellious compulsive overeating with real freedom of choice, and after years of struggling with/worrying about my weight, lost what I needed to lose and finally maintain a healthy weight, almost effortlessly. It's great to learn more about what actually happens in the brain when we make changes to our habits and attitudes, and how it's all connected. Thank you!

  2. Good advice.
    The person responsible for lighting needs to reconsider what they are doing with their life

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  4. Very interesting concept. I find I have to guard against freedom of choice slyly morphing into restriction, though. I suppose learning to notice that shift, pulling back from the rule-bound edge and repeatedly choosing freedom are integral to the challenge, until the ability to choose becomes second nature.

  5. I actually only tried this weight loss diet after my friend bragged about it. She was able to shed 19 lbs. Google “sowo amazing plan”!

  6. This is great except the "eating less" part. You can eat all you want as long as it's wholesome, real food. You will get full eating vegetables, fruit, grains, legumes, and meat.

  7. I think I was using this principle, or something close to it, for years, but with a lot of weight gain. I adopted a program that called for eating anything I wanted except sweets on one plate (or the equivalent) at three meals a day on weekdays only. CHOOSING to adhere to not eating between meals and forgoing sweets five days a week was key to changing my appetite. Sometimes I felt annoyed and even almost crying with frustration at times, but I saw these as part of the change process. And I did and DO sometimes feel resentful, but I can usually see that it's still in my short and long term best interest to stick to my plan, and I'm NEVER sorry I held out. I went from compulsively overeating mostly sweets nearly every day of the week to having them A LOT less MOST of the time and have kept mostly to the program for nearly 7 years. Weight fluctuates but I mostly maintain a 40-45 lb. loss. Being able to delay but still have anything led to gorging at first, but that eventually got old, too. Now I keep trying to figure out how to apply it to other areas.

  8. This is amazing! Such a simple advice. Don't say, I cannot eat that. Say I can eat that and I will not!

  9. Wow awesome and life changing. I was reminded of a verse that backs up this freedom paradigm. Apostle paul said “I have the right to do anything but not everything is beneficial. I have the right to do anything but not everything is constructive."
    1 Corinthians 10:23 NIV

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