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THE Kefir Smoothie Recipe

Join Will in his Probiotic Kitchen as he shares a delicious, nutritious kefir smoothie recipe. Also covered are the benefits of using food grade diatomaceous earth in the diet.


  1. thanks, will, I watched this some time ago and decided to try it out. I have been drinking kefir milk smoothies every day for about eight months now. Before I started drinking kefir milk, I was sick about five or six times in a four-month window. Then I decided to drink kefir milk. I have not been sick what time since then! For those of you ask in where to buy kefir grains to make your own milk, I purchased mine on eBay. Just search "kefir milk grains". thanks again for your help, will!

  2. Aloha Lisa,

    This is very common. Grains will take on different shapes. What you can do is thin the grains when they have multiplied to where you need to thin them. You can select the grains you prefer to handle (cauliflower shape seem to be more resilient to me) and remove the disk shaped ones and blend into smoothies. Remember the kefir grains are extremely health giving, so when you have plenty, but a couple in the blender with your smoothie! 🙂

    Thanks for asking!

  3. Hi Will, It's ,me again:) I have a question about my kefir grains. They are starting to look a little like a disk shape. Some look like cawliflower but the others are flat, they are big but disk like…I don't know whats going on? It still take good, so I thought I'd ask you;)

  4. How often is up to individual preference. I find that daily is great for me. I understand on the food grade DE. If it doesn't feel right for you, follow that! 🙂

    Thanks for the fun back and forth!

    Here's a look at what we are up to these days… (youtube doesn't allow website posts here so I have to be cryptic) HealThyMouthSummit(dot)com . A free online event to help folks navigate to greater oral (and whole body) health. Very, very potent info! I invite you to check it out!


  5. LOL!!! Thanks again Will, I reading this makes me know I'm doing the right thing for my family. How many times a day do you suggest one could drink kefir? I put about a cup of it in my green smoothies in the morning and then I make kefir smoothies at night for my boys. I am really wanting to try the DE, but the way you decribe it on here sounds a little scary…..
    Thanks again!!

  6. Hehe Lisa,

    We all sure do have our opinions on the subject, don't we? 🙂 Ask Sean, he loves raw milk! 🙂

    Although not the last word, I think some of it really depends on our ancestry. Anyone of european origins does fine on milk as do many of African and some Asian ancestry. For me, the bottom line is how do you (and your family) feel after you drink it? If you feel good, then by all means, don't let any 'expert' (including me) tell you to stop! 🙂

    Trust your gut (pun intended). Aloha!

  7. Hi Will, I contacted your friend Sean and I have read his book. It was amazing and very eye opening. Sean does this talkradio thing that I listen to quite often. So I contacted one of the guys Sean had on his show to ask him about raw milk, and kefir.He said to get rid of all of it and that none of is good because we shouldn't be drinking it at all! My family loves kefir and we drink it in a smoothy every day. So what is your advice on all this, milk is bad for you thing?
    Thanks again,

  8. Thanks for asking here! Yes, the best source for quality kefir grains is Cultures for Health. Here's a link… culturesforhealth(dot)com/?a_aid=4f9326e9de830

  9. @spicenyourlife Yep, I've since begun to take it separately in some fresh squeezed citrus juice. So yummy. Like tang as a kid…

  10. @lllogical Hmm, bentonite and DE are different but I'm really not sure how much. They both have negative charges and as such draw 'junk' out of the system. One difference is DE is 'sharp' which damages parasites, etc in the system whereas clay only works on the charge principle.

    I hope this helps!

  11. @hipsociety Yep, that's the DE! If it takes away from the enjoyment of the smoothie, take the de separately perhaps!

  12. whats the difference between bentonite clay and DE? im trying to get rid of parasites without crazy detox programs that use herbs and fasting. Also what do you think of puting kefir grains in reusable tea bags? im trying to find a way to make kefir easier. Thanks you also put up great information

  13. @ThatMixer Here's what I pulled up quickly on google. I hope it helps!

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