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The Best Green Smoothie Recipe | With the Health Master | CLEAN EATING

If you are new to making green shakes or shakes in general or if you are looking for a new recipe, this video is for you!
If you are a parent on the go this is a great way to get in your nutrients, it’s fast for you and fun for the kids, they’ll love the taste!

Often parents try to eat healthy but forget that the kids need the same foundation, shakes are a great way to make eating healthy fun and interactive.

This is a great breakfast smoothie or snack throughout the day.

Lets take back our health! Its is important to try and buy organic as much as you can, I understand its not easy, but the effort makes a difference, and its still a reduction of toxic chemicals for you and your family.

What you will need:
1 cup frozen mango
1 cup frozen pineapple
1 apple
1 pear
1 stalk of celery
Handful of parsley
1 tall glass of organic coconut water

Love you guys!

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  1. Great job! You showed me how to make a great smoothie, and you were funny and elucidating well.  I judge everyone on speaking skills; and you have the touch. So keep making your videos and keep educating the public.  Oh, lastly.  Do you save the extra amount….or drink it all at one time?

  2. Adding banana, mangos and pineapple wrong wrong wring!!
    Way to much sugar and sugar increases insulin levels.
    Coconut water wrong again!
    Use unsweetened almond milk instead and also use strawberries blueberries blackberries or cherries. Is way healthier. The only good thing you added to that smoothie was the vegetables
    Everything else is not healthy for you specially for people with high insurance levels and is hard for them to lose weight because of all the high carbs in their body.

  3. 1 cup of Halle Berry, 1 cup of Serena Williams, 1 cup of Whitney Houston, 1 tall glass of Scary Spice, blend = Makeba.

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