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Joe Rogan On Eating Healthy

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  1. I'm not vegan, but from all the research and peer-reviewed medical journals I've read, this video is FUCKING BULLSHIT. The guy is fucking stupid. Fuck him. He is spreading ignorance. Fuck that guy.

  2. Joey, can you please elaborate on that product you are drinking?
    Cheers from Aussie lover of you and Diaz.. Or as I say to my Diaz keep it clean cocksucks!!!!
    Big thanks to my partner for introducing you to me. I wake up to your podcasts. Dude you rock!

  3. Our brains grew from learning how to cook Tubers and other root veggies…. the meat thing was never proven lol

  4. You should stay away from the centre of the zucchini or courgette as its very wet and seedy, then use kitchen roll to absorb the excess water from it., then you won't have all that water on your plate.

  5. I tried keto for awhile and I felt terrible and gained weight and I couldn't poop.I just try to hit my protein intake for the day and keep the calories where they should be and wherever my carbs and fat end up so be it and I feel amazing doing that.

  6. Joe, you feel and look great because you're admittedly on testosterone therapy replacement….
    Not because you eat meat and you're in a ketogenic state.

  7. I'm starting the 20 day Keto tomorrow. Playing the devils advocate here,why does the Dr Mcdougal diet work for so many peeps? The only thing I'm skeptical about is did man really hunt years ago and just eat the fat and throw the rest. It's like the vegan has ta take the B12 and Ketoman has ta watch his sodium and electrolyte levels. Something is wrong with this equation? But I'm trying it for 20 days ta see what the peeps are talking about here.

  8. I think if i would cut meat.. I wouldn't be able to perform aswell if i did. Does anybody have any experience with onnit supplements?

  9. Joe, do a video on Candida. The overgrowth of bad bacteria in the stomach from antibiotics and too much sugar and carbs.

  10. Watching this while eating Herb Chicken Breast, Brown Rice and Broccoli… and got a protein shake on the side to down it with.

    Once you learn a handful of healthy meals and how to make enough of it to make prep meals you'll be set toward a healthier life in general.

  11. I would love to go on Joe's podcast and have an actual educated conversation about veganism. he is spewing bullshit every time he talks about it.

  12. No fucking dip you had no energy. You just need to eat enough calories from whole plant foods. Every whole food has a complete amino acid profile.

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