Intense Abs Workout | Lose Belly Fat Fast | Cardio Abs Workout Routine

Intense Abs Workout to Lose Belly Fat | Intense Cardio Abs Workout | HIIT Cardio and ABS workout | Burn Belly Fat | Lose Weight Workout | Fat Blasting Workout |

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Hey guys! Finally another workout to burn belly fat! This is a cardio abs workout with 50% full body exercises and 50% abs exercises. The full body exercises require you to use your core as well which is great. Also doing full body workout helps you burn so much more, and your body will still burn while you’re at rest. That’s the reason why i’ve combined the exercises. I’ve explained that somewhere in the video. Basically full body workout like squats, lunges, etc require you to use your leg muscles, and leg muscles are the biggest muscle groups in our body so working these muscles will allow you to burn more calories, even when you are at rest your body will still be burning.

Also I was going to add moving plank instead of plank twist but i was so awkward doing it so i changed it up. Feel free to change to your favourite plank exercise. You can also always intensify any of these exercises but doing it faster, or do a bigger movement. It was my first time doing it in the video and it was definitely quite intense for me. I felt so good after doing a few sessions and the abs will show! Please do it more consistently if you have lots of belly fat. Give yourself a month or so. But if you have minimal fats, it won’t take you long. You can alternate between this exercise and my other intense abs workout. I’ll recommend to do 2 or 3 times a week depending on how sore you are too. Muscles definitely need to rest and recover so give yourself a day in between your abs workout!

Please do try it out and let me know how it goes. This really works for me so I hope it works for you! Please tag your abs/glutes progress #chlofitness on insta! I would love to see your progress

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Thanks so so much for watching my videos. I really appreciate your support! xoxo


  1. Following this diet is so simple and I am so pleased I have arrived onto it. Shortly, I will lose 7 more lbs with “sowo amazing plan” (make sure to google it! ).

  2. I'm so motivated to do this routine tomorrow. I just did my workout and took a shower before this video smh.

  3. What to do if hips start "clicking" a lot? not sure how to describre it but my hips pop and make weird noises in some of these… its not painful just really scary as I have dislocated a lot of stuff before.

  4. This exercise is amazing!!! Other videos usually don't have a huge effect on me like this video does!! Subscribed and you are amazing!!! My mom also came in and said it smells cuz of my sweat????

  5. Hi! Yesterday I saw this video. today was my first trial.I won't lie, it was hard, but I felt it. my stomach is burning. This is not the first time I do exercise. I've been looking for routines and this one captivated me. I will do it everyday. I swear I will keep you updated and tell you how much weight and measurements I decreased. Latin here! see you tomorrow

  6. hi my name is clara Alvarez. I am about 12 years old and decided to turn my life around. I began doing these workout today and hopefully will be able to see results very soon

  7. Great vid! can I ask how many lbs will I lose should I do this 5 times a week for 30 minutes? (diet not included.)

  8. hi choke! I'm a mother of two I've been doing your ten min workout for a while now I'm doing this too I do both thoghter all week and I rest on sunday.. I've seen result my abs starting to form but I still have a little pouch around the belly button.. do you think I should rest one day in the week or at the end of the week OK? also do you think with this workout I will be able to get rid of that little bit that left? please answer I love your routine they work for me

  9. after my first try doing this, i can definitely feel my core becoming tighter! though i took sooo many breaks doing this. D: but it's worth it!

  10. Thanks you so much Chloe Ting, this work out was amazing and easy to perform without wasting time. Thank you ? very much

  11. Everyone looking for an efficient diet ought to Google “lyly amazing guide. ” That helped me to get rid of 13 pounds — and I’m still burning off weight. Good diet program. I hope you will love it and obtain good results soon.

  12. first time using your workout  and damn it was intense !
    I really really good now I finished it
    defo doing it tomorrow and the for the next few months
    thanks so much

  13. Superb post but I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this subject? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Kudos!

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