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  1. Hello sorry just made a channel to comment! I have just moved to Oxford myself! Plus have been a pescatarian for 8months now, hoping to get rid of all meat soon. What farmers market did you go to? Many thanks! Good luck with the uni work xx

  2. i was exactly the same about fruit , actually i was obsessed with avoiding fruits and carbs and now i cannot live without my nanas and mangos and my high unprocessed carb diet actually its way better cause i don't feel the necessity of eating ANY other kind of sugars!

  3. A couple of years ago I fell into the trap of looking at carbs/sugar in things like tomatoes. I would limit myself to 2 (!) cherry tomatoes (yes, cherry tomatoes!) a day because of the sugar content… Silly now when I look back at it.

  4. with macros I always choose a high fruit over some crap that would fit Marcos ..Marcos are cool but I work with them loosely ..if something is a healthier choice but aliitle high I'll still have it

  5. i completely agree! i never understand with IIFYM how you can't have something like a banana yet can have something like processed refined sugary foods and that is somehow healthier for your body! Our bodies are suited to whole natural foods!

  6. I'm SOOOOOO glad I accidentally found you on YouTube! I've watched a handful of your videos and I will be watching more. But thank you so much for sharing your eating habits and such, I spent all of last year going to the gym and drowning myself in protein powders and such but without any sort of guide so I didn't really achieve a lot especially because it's hard to transition into cleaner eating habits (I love food too T___T). I can't wait to try your guide!

  7. *Say hello to your new subscriber * subbed I saw your gym shark video and instantly fell in love thanks for being you and allowing me to be me I can't wait to start my slow steady progress towards improving my life , sending love from Vancouver Canada 🇨🇦

  8. Thank you so much for sharing so much info in your videos! I've watched like 7 already and have learned A LOT. I just have one question (sorry if you have already answered this): what are the best muscle groups to work out together? thank you! and lots of love from Chile!

  9. Yes! Healthy eating is sooooo important! I hate the IIFYM trend. I'm a vegan and I'm so glad that you are trying to transition into vegeterian/veganism. Even I kept up the whole macro counting when I went vegan but since I stopped tracking macros I have progressed so much more because stopped a routine that actually plateaued my progress. Keep up the good work grace, you will be able to do this!

  10. I looovvveee mango and I am the same way about not wanting to fit a mango or banana into my macros because it takes up too many carbs! But you're right!

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