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HOW TO START EATING HEALTHY IN 2017 & STICK TO IT / 5 Simple Tips / Nika Erculj

With the start of 2017, everyone wants to have a healthier lifestyle. I share some tips on how you can start eating healthy, stick to it & change your life!
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Nika Erculj is a Slovenian youtuber & social media personality. She is very interested in fashion, mental and physical health, self help, beauty, astrology, writing and so much more. She loves sharing all of that + her personal life with her following.

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  1. @ 6:58
    Ha ha, you seem to be channeling a little bit of Donald Trump!
    But great vid, it has given me a lot to consider. I appreciate ya!

  2. I use to drink diet soda all of the time and then I decided to finally stop and I feel so much better and I can't even stand the taste of soda any more

  3. Could you do a video on how it was for you to go vegan and how you accomplished it? By the way: love your style and your videos! ??❤️Subscribed to you immediately??

  4. Hi! Do you really go to UWRF? That's the school I really want to go to! If you do, is it a good school?

  5. I just found your channel and I just want to say you're absolutely beautiful and I love your videos already thank you beautiful xx

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