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Thank you guys so much for watching! If anything like this has ever happened to you or share with me your thoughts


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  1. im still fat from highschool lol and all the guys that teased me and called me a whale eventually tried to get with me when i turned 18 but nope lol now im married, the mother of my son, own my own home, own my own car and still plump and gorgeous ???? and all at 20

  2. I definitely understand how horrible you felt when he called you fat and etc. I experienced that either. That's why I can feel the way you are feeling ? but I was kinda over it right now ?

  3. Both Apple and Strawberry were not good friends. Celery was a real jerk. Some guys can be so mean and so weird. They treat women like an object and just want to sleep with as many as they can. Ladies stay away from guys like that. The right person for you will find you attractive no matter how much you weigh. Sure everyone looks their best at a healthy body weight, but weight does not make you ugly or worthless.

  4. I felt like you were telling my life story!! Lol I had a similar experience at the beginning of high school and toward my senior year I had guys that bullied me trying to get at me. Then when I lost weight after graduating it became more gradual. I've gained a lot of weight now after having my baby but my boyfriend/baby's father, has been my best friend since my senior year so he has been with me through thick and thin and he was patient enough to wait almost 5 years for me. We're currently trying to lose our baby weight together and I'm sure you'll be a great motivator for me!

  5. Girl I would've accepted that jacket but told him it's still a no I hope we're clear about that but thanks for the jacket tho ??

  6. cause everyone is telling their stories i'll say mine
    i had a friend a boy frined to be exact and you may say a childhood friend this shitty boy had a crush on me since i was 10 and always used to tell his mother i like her i wanna marry her when i grow up blah blah blah .. and when i reached13 we split up and i haven't seen him for 4 years at this period of time i gained some waight and after this 4 years we met at their house after that meeting by almost 2 weeks we visited his sick mother when he wasn't around at that time his older sister who is a good friend of mine told me that he's shocked that you gained waight and you're not the same you used to be i mean yeah we were 10 years old but still the grown up you who felt this way
    like bitch who told you to from the start i don't need your shitty ass like boys like this really are pittyful too sad to think that shitty hearts do exist
    i mean you are who you are no matter what shape or look or waight you have when time passes how you look may change.. no… IT WILL change the only thing in person that will not be changing is their hearts so better be looking for a beautiful heart that will last forever than the beautiful looks that'll fade away.

  7. Summing this up with;
    What's wrong? Oh now you feeling lonely
    I brushed you off and now you tryna hold me
    But Imma tell you exactly what I know B
    Karma's a bitch, I guess you should've loved the old me…

  8. To be honest, it sounds like you liked the attention, or the fact that this guy (who once turned you down, basically) wanted you. Nothing wrong with that, but you've gotta be careful with people like that.

  9. Ooo gurll!! you should've milked his ass and got him to buy you hella shit just to get back at his pendejo ass

  10. A guy called me ugly in 8th grade in front of the entire class and then in my senior year he tried to talk to me. Like tf noooo???

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