Healthy Eating

HEALTHY EATING GROCERY SHOPPING LIST – nutrition tips and foods that make losing weight easy


Lose weight by eating clean, this healthy shopping grocery list gives you the top 10 foods that are staple one to have at home which are full of macro and micro nutrients.


  1. help! I've been following Lucy's squad since December and workout every day but I am starting to loose all motivation 😲 I really want to keep going but it starting to become a chore. I'm hoping May's challenge will help me with this!

  2. Hi Lucy its great have a personal trainer lol!😘u think of everything that makes uour channel so popular and i alwsys look forwatd to workout with u yeahhhhh! my abs r getting better each day thanks to u Lucy… look foward to seeing you monday haveva fab weekend cheers xxπŸ™‡πŸΈπŸ‰πŸ’πŸπŸ˜β™‘

  3. hey, Lucy this is a GREAT video! as always you're one of the most helpful people πŸ™‚
    I just wanted to make sure you know about the new endscreen feature (like annotations just better) they work on mobile phones as well and you can even link to your website right there in the screen (no more sending your viewers down to the description box – much easier)
    I am a creator myself that why I know about it and I feel you could profit from that as well!
    much love β™₯

  4. I am unfortunately allergic to oats (weird, right?) So this means no to things like granola, oatmeal, and most cereals. What would the equivalent be?

  5. Hi Lucy i wanted to ask how often do you recommend eating eggs? I feel like I shouldn't have them too much but I'm not sure how much, would really appreciate your advice 😊

  6. Thank you for this Lucy, I love your healthy eating video's. I also love that you've called one of your cardio characters Dawn, and yes this is the fitness plan I need! xx

  7. I'm not sure if this would make for a better workout plan character or a single video, but do you have any tips and tricks/workouts/meal plans for busy university students on a tight budget. I'm working out almost every day but eating healthy has been a really big challenge, especially due to being on a really tight budget. Any advice would be great, thanks!

  8. Have you got any recommendation for a coconut oil that doesn't transfer a taste to whatever you're cooking? I tried a coconut oil and hated the taste it gave my veggies!!

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