Grow A BOOTY With Basic Gym Equipment | FULL Leg Workout

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Welcome back, babes! ? Today I am showing you one of my TOUGHEST leg & booty workouts. It takes a lot to get me sore and this sure did it! Remember that booty gains take time, so be patient. Love you all & I can’t thank you enough for your support! Xo

Pre-Workout I use: http://amzn.to/1TX9evL & http://amzn.to/29bhGF9
Protein I use: http://amzn.to/29tTZ91
BPI Best Protein Bar: http://amzn.to/28YeoBP
Camera I use: http://amzn.to/1tdMb4m

WEBSITE: https://whitsbringingfit.com/


Barbell Squats
10 x 10
1 minute rest

20 Barbell Lunges
8 Good Mornings
8 Straight Leg Deadlift with 3 pulses

5 Pistol Squats – Left & Right
20 Bosu Ball Sumo Squat

Music by NCS
Tobu – Good Times [NCS Release]

DEAF KEV – Invincible [NCS Release]

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  1. Whit would you be able to provide alternate exercises for some of these. I have a bad knee and it's very difficult for me to do lunges or any exercise that puts too much pressure on a single leg.

  2. I just did this workout at the gym and I LITERALLY DIED/WANTED TO DIE HALFWAY IN
    Love love love your videos whit!!! ?

  3. So I'm definitely late to the party on this but I've just discovered you (and you're freakin amazing). I did this workout today and OMG! My legs! My hamstrings! GAINS! Thanks xoxoxo

  4. Her legs are so straight during the deadlifts! I can't do this because the barbell won't go very far down without me bending my knees a little

  5. I watch so many fitness videos, but I always go back to your old videos before the gym to get motivation and help me switch up my workouts! I love how original all of your workouts are – it helps me never get bored in the gym! Thanks so much for that. Love you so much

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