Shoulders And Traps

Full Natural Shoulders And Traps Workout! (TheVPhysique)

NPC/CBBF National Men’s Physique Competitors Trent Vilio and Kade Vilio (TheVPhysique)
Shoulders (Delts) And Traps Workout Tutorial! Natural Gym Motivation! Let us know what you think of the video in the comments section below!
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Full Workout Below!


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Shoulders / Traps Workout:
-Wide Grip Barbell Upright Rows
-Smith Machine Shoulder Press
-Rear Delt Dumbbell Rows
-Dumbbell Lateral Raises
-Supinated Grip Barbell Front Raises
-Rear Delt Cable Flys
-Smith Machine Shrugs
-Dumbbell Shrugs

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  1. he swings into his weights a lot you should try not to do this. or you are only working 50% of that muscle.stand with your back against a wall.

  2. for every trap workout hold in up position 2..3 seconds and contract traps thats how you really work your traps

  3. Why does this vid has so many dislikes? They seem to be guys and plus this workout was really good. They showed very different techniques and worked each head of the delt equaly. Really good job guys, fuckk this hippies haters! New sub checking in.

  4. Great vid. A bunch of different techniques without the bravado of telling how you do them and wasting half the video. Thanks for this.

  5. Hi, I'm struggling with something that you guys maybe can help me with 🙂
    How do I figure out how much protein I need to take?
    Awesome workout video btw

  6. Hey guys, just stumbled across this channel and im loving it already. just got a quick question though, what sort of training routine do you suggest for someone who is wanting to compete in Men's Physique in the future? I notice you guys have a mix of workouts ranging from 1 bodypart per day to PPL etc. thanks.

    P.S subbed for more great vids.

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