Fitness and Fish Diet

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  1. wowww god bless you. todays my first day on being healthy. ill be honest my job means i sit down all evening till 11pm. i come home ended uo eating anything .. been working late evenings pst 4 years and iv seen the weight pile up. now i didnt do much excercise in the day .only house chores and got tired. im 28!! im not obese but im not healthy. i need to loose the weight all over esp bum tum and thighs. how do i get the motivation.. after one work out today i felt like i was gonna die and i couldnt even walk. i ate a salad for lunch… whats the best diet plan i could have thats cheap and mkes me loose weight. il be working day and night too in next two weeks so il hardly get time to cook.

  2. well done! finally a fitness video that is straight to the point, without the fluff or pumping a product and filled with information. you should give a class to some of the new jacks to teach them a little poise and professionalism if they're gonna try and make a go of this!

  3. How long should someone be on a fish diet for? With all the Mercury and all. Thanks. You have now given me the drive to get back in shape after 2 babies and finding time being my biggest challenge, especially looking after my 14 month old daughter.

  4. I am a heart patient and I would benefit greatly from eating fish. Fish is loaded with good nutrients for my heart.  Though, every package of frozen fish that I look at has way too much sodium for me to eat it.  When I look at the ingredients, they all contain STPP.  The STPP makes the sodium level five to ten times what it normally is and it is only there to absorb water making the fish heavy.  How can we be leaders in health and welfare of our people when we allow this wanton use of STPP just to make money on the unsuspecting consumers?

  5. I am wondering how you went about cooking your fish, like what kind of seasoning did you use, how much.
    What was the portion you are at one time?

  6. Thanks for the video. My question is you said we shouldn't eat after 8pm…I stay up sooooo.late, sometimes till midnight…and o get hungry, what should I do? Thanks.

  7. Thnx for posting this, very helpful. On my fish diet as we speak. I will be incorporating the cellulite busters in my routine.

  8. Thnx for posting this, very helpful. On my fish diet as we speak. I will be incorporating the cellulite busters in my routine.

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