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Delicious Green Smoothie Recipe for KIDS!

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Music “Let it Be Alive” by Tubby Love, Paul Izak and Anna Surento

Blog Post “Tips for Staying Healthy in Social Settings”:


  1. Hey Ellen ,just wanted to say you inspire people all around the word (i'm from Turkey) and wanted to ask you why you prefer using both Barley green powder and Spirulina .I'm only using Spirulina,isn't it enough?
    Love from Turkey

  2. I love this video💞 Great job with raising your kids vegan🌍🙏Beautiful! Also like their involvement😊

  3. Hahahahaha i died with Winston's six pack and Elvis twelve. This kids are going to be freaking attractive!!!

  4. awwww little man flexing his muscles! so adorable and so wonderful to see vegan kids. I was vegan since I was adopted at a year old, and I wouldn't change a thing about the way I was raised! id like to think I'm pretty healthy now because of it

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