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This is exactly what you were asking for. A sample diet for people wanting to lose weight. Ofcourse, this isn’t work for everybody since everybody is different, but it will do the trick for most people.
Watch it and give it a try.



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  1. yo ta k diet hooo. hero har ko lagi matra ho ki k ho…uta normal manxe le effort garne diet dimna hoo….yo ta hero lai vanda badi vo tait

  2. empty stomach ma cofee n lemon khayo vaney digest system ma problem auxa re so before cofee k khadaaa thik hunxa??

  3. Mero diet
    bihana 8 baje uthera tea & bread
    ani 11 12 baje tira 1 thal dal bhat tarkari
    ani 2 3 baje kta haru sanga momo
    ani 4 5 baje feri ghar ma ayera k huncha ghar ma pakeko thye khayo
    ani 9 10 baje dal bhat tarkari ( ani yesari khaha bata huncha desh ko bikas)

  4. Sushant dai ! I haven't understood the calories measurement …. On the nutrition facts of rice it is said "Per serving/100gm" Does It means that the given nutrition fact is about the 100gm of cooked rice?

  5. Bro veg ko lai ni bhandinu paryo. Chicken brest ko satta tofu maybe? Mom ko ghatauna cha k lastai bho 😀

  6. Dai. Out of the fitness question hai but I really liked your starting music background. Please tell me where i can find that beat. And yeah you doing great videos.

  7. only egg whites or should i consume whole eggs,you kinda lose 40%protein and a whole lot of other nutrients by cutting of yolk.

  8. i am 18 and my height is 5.6ft. I want to increase my height.. I tried hanging on a bar but i cant stay much longer and i think its not even helping me. Is there any other exercises?

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