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60lbs Weight Loss in 5months intermittent fasting+Tips for EXTREME weight loss

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  1. ok.. 1000 comments.. that means you probably are not going to respond. but I just wanted to say I love the lipstick color on you. Your skin and hair look healthy. you're a great motivator for me.

  2. thank you soo much for this video!!! i feel fat and very self conscious with my body but this video made me see things in a whole other light and makes me feel so much better! this video is giving me so much motivation that i can actually do this!!

  3. Losing tons of weight on slim roast coffee- all I do is drink one coffee a day and I have lost 20 pounds!( in 2 months) www.valentus.com/morecoffeedear

  4. Congratulations sis you look amazing and your skin is absolutely beautiful!! Love your videos, can you please upload a video on your skincare regimen!!

  5. Just found you and I absolutely love you!!! You have the best energy. Thanks for your tips and encouragement!!

  6. Hi kisha. Thank you for your video. firstly I want to tell you congratulations on your weightloss success. Secondly I wanted to ask …what about yoga training? Dont like exercising much xcept (swimming, walking, bicycle…yeah) but I do like doing yoga….

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