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5 Foods To NEVER Eat

More “health” foods that make you FAT:

Hey y’all…what’s up! In this episode, Sanela and I are going to show you 5 foods which everyone THINKS are healthy…but which actually make you FAT.

These foods can REALLY sabotage you if you’re trying to lose fat. You’ll think that you’re eating healthy, but really the foods you’re eating may be worse than the junk food you normally eat! Even worse, you won’t be mentally counting these foods as “cheating”… so you’ll likely cheat with “regular” junk foods on top of eating the stuff that you think is healthy.

Sanela and I also show you the healthier (and great tasting) alternative foods that you should eat instead of these 5 foods.

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In this video I show you why “going on a diet” DOESN’T WORK. And I show you the much more effective “eating system” that Sanela and I use instead to stay lean and toned, without having to count calories or constantly stress about our diet.

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  1. Not to Judge you on you're fitness but half the stuff is completely wrong. You need sugar in you're body everyday but not to much of it because sugar is basically a energy boost you'll be more hyper active but not having sugar at all is basically poisoning your own blood. That's like not giving the body water.

  2. when they say organic foods does it count the same with Organic yogurt and organic milk cuz my friends been telling me organic milk is better than normal

  3. with my situation I'll drink just water I hate coconut water I won't drink sports drinks or anything but I do drink orange juice only on certain days I want to start eating fruits and I have no problem with veggies except I do not like spinach or brussel sprouts then I do eat bread but I eat whole wheat bread

  4. Great info! Finally fitness advice that makes sense. I cut out all refined sugars and wheat and completely lost my belly fat in like 3 weeks! Thanks

  5. I have personally been dropping weight like never before, implementing the diet “lyly amazing guide” (Google it). It’s been the most effective strategy I’ve ever implemented. Do a Google search and read up on this.

  6. At 11:30 she says what I want to hear – you CAN eat it all once you hit goal weight.
    imo just use portion control when you feel like cheating, buy smallest size at restaurant and don't bring it home.

  7. My God – you two have the worse chemistry!!! Practice before them cameras roll yo!!! 13 minutes – Yeeeeeeeeesh!!!!

  8. you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want, as long as you account for it in your total macro count for the day….

  9. What about making your own granola with oats, organic honey and dried fruits/coconut flakes? It tastes good when you put it into pancake batter (DIY tip!).

  10. and i thought milk is a good source of calcium. oh well i think drinking in moderation is the key point because to less or to more consumption is not good afterall. we need a good balance diet 🙂

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