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5 Foods that Boost Metabolism

If you are currently trying to lose weight then one area that can give you that extra boost is to give your metabolism a boost.

We all know the eating the right foods and getting enough exercise are the best ways to lose weight but there are also a few hacks that can help you to lose the weight faster and increase the effectiveness of the work you are putting into your weight loss plan.

Did you know that there are certain foods that actually increase your metabolism?

Your metabolism is essentially your body’s way of turning the stuff (food/drink) that you put into it into energy and by doing so, it burns calories. This is why you can be burning calories just by being sat at your desk, because your body is always active keeping you alive, breathing, heart-beating etc.

Today I want to share with you 5 foods that you should try and include in your weekly meal plans to help give your metabolism a boost.


I am sure you know all about the healthy benefits of drinking enough water but another one is that it has an affect on your metabolism.

Even a mild amount of dehydration can slow down your metabolism so make sure you are drinking plenty of water through the day to keep it firing.

A cool tip: Drinking cold water will help you to burn more calories as your body has to work harder to warm it up, so through a couple of ice cubes in..

Chilli peppers

We’re saying Chilli Peppers but the real ingredient you are looking for is Capsaicin which is a chemical compound that really revs up your metabolism.

Chilli peppers are one of the best sources of this ingredient so when doing your meal plan try and include a few meals per week that contain around a tablespoon of hot chilli.

Green tea

If you ever walk past my desk you will often find a hot drink accompanying me.

I used to drink around 5-6 cups of coffee per day but recently I have made the switch to Green Tea as I look to improve my health.

Green Tea contains a compound called EGCG that research has shown to promote fat-burning.

Why not slowly transition from your current hot drink of choice across to green tea and see the benefits in a boosted metabolism.

Whole grains

Where possible you should look to swap out your processed grains such as white bread and pasta for whole grains.

Whole grains help you to burn more fat as your body has to work a lot harder to break them down when compared to processed grains.

Look to include more brown rice and oatmeal in your meals next week and see if you feel the difference.

Citrus fruit

Citrus fruits

The great thing about citrus fruits is that they contain a lot of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C helps your body to metabolise fat faster which makes it a great addition to your diet.

Where possible you should look to increase your Vitamin C intake to around 350-400mg per day.

This should allow you to notice the benefits of a boosted metabolism.

These are 5 great examples of foods your can consume to boost your metabolism and improve your weight loss efforts without having to do more exercise. Simply swapping some of these foods into your diet should help you to see bigger weight loss over the next couple of weeks.

Do you have any secret foods you use to boost your metabolism?

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